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The Lonesome Doom Gang, Inc. 18th Anniversary Banquet December 2, 2017

Delores H. White
Amanda R. Brown
Frances H. Perry
Audrey H. Davis
Pearlia G. Rogers
The Program
Mistress of Ceremony
Elizabeth Green Harrison
The Lonesome Doom Gang Acquires
Historic Building in Cross-Green Community

The Lonesome Doom Gang, A Georgia non-profit organization recently acquired the Old Noah’s Ark AME Church building. The building was vacated approximately 13 years ago when the congregations of Noah’s Ark AME Church and its sister church, St. Paul AME Church, merged. The congregation became St. Paul/Noah’s Ark AME Church in Summertown, GA.

The old Noah’s Ark AME Church building is one of the oldest church buildings in the Cross-Green community. The church was constructed in the late 1800s. As part of its mission, The Lonesome Doom will try to save this historic building and preserve it as a landmark in the community.

Eddie Dillard, Sr., one of the members of the Doom Gang, states that he was a member of St. Paul in Summertown from the 1940s, thru the 1960s, and his grandmother insisted that he attend both churches. That meant walking five miles to Noah’s Ark on second Sunday of each month and eight miles to St. Paul on the fourth Sunday of each month. He wore out a lot of shoes and put a lot of miles on his feet during those years but Eddie admits it helped make him the man his grandmother raised him to be.

If you would like to help with the restoration of old Noah’s Ark, please call Angelia H. Walker at (478) 763-3331 or Eva P. Waiters at (478) 206-2835. You can also make a donation. Please make all donations payable to The Lonesome Doom Gang and mail to:

The Lonesome Doom Gang
P. O. Box 43507
Atlanta, GA 30336